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a dramatic feature film

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"...A truly heartwarming story, beautifully acted..."






















"Mary Jones is married to a sociopath, works for a shady boss, has no loyal friends, has a pathological and dysfunctional family and spends most of her time in pain and despair.

In trying to protect her little daughter and serve as a solid role model for her, Mary struggles with inner conflicts to overcome the obstacles to happiness for herself and her daughter. This is a story of struggle and success within a hostile environment, a story of hope and self-advocacy in the face of crippling headaches."



"... The story starts out by breaking your heart and then you share Mary's triumph as she creates a better life for herself and her daughter..."
"... The tragic story unfolds as she talks to her therapist... a wonderful way to tell a story..."


Nominated for the prestigious 2012 Voice Award

held in the Paramount Theater in Hollywood August 2012





Copyright 2011, IVT Productions


Written, produced and directed by Edmund Messina

Filmed entirely in Michigan
Interactive Video Technology, East Lansing, Michigan