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"... It offers the viewer insight into the daily struggles of an individual experiencing severe headaches and trying to manage family and work responsibilities..."


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"Lily's Mom, a film written, directed, and produced by headache doctor Edmund Messina is a story of struggle and success within a hostile environment, a story of hope and self-advocacy in the face of crippling headaches." ...Cathy Glaser, President




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"...If you have the opportunity to see Lily's Mom, do so... Lily's Mom starts on a dark note, but quickly pulls you in and you find that you are rooting for Mary as she makes choices to reclaim her life. The movie ends with hope for a bright future. .." - - Christina Peterson MD


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"You might remember the previous work of Dr. Messina and his team – Life and Migraine. The goal of this first film was to give us a glimpse into the life of someone with migraine, and to help us see what they had to go through to get help.

Dr. Edmund Messina is back – once again wanting to spread the word about headache, migraine, and the situations that people have to deal with in the midst of chronic illness. ... He wrote, produced, and directed "Lily’s Mom", starring Kimberly Harsch. I’m hoping to review it in a few weeks time."



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... "So let’s give a thank you to Dr. Messina and the cast and crew of Lily’s Mom – for thinking outside the box to find new ways to help migraineurs – help us become our own advocates, to understand ourselves better, and to help others understand a friend or family member with migraine just a little more." ...

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Podcast Interview with Dr. Messina and Production Manager Nan Slocum at the Indie Gathering




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"...Lily’s Mom is the story of a headache sufferer who encounters a series of life obstacles, including an abusive marriage and job loss - issues that can become all the more serious while agonizing through neurological distress...







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