Medium Synopsis


Mary tells her sad story to a therapist in a surreal environment as she tries to face an abusive failing marriage and impending loss of her job because of excess absenteeism due to crippling migraines. She struggles to find a solution to her debilitating pain and also to protect her 8 year-old daughter, Lily, from her sociopathic second husband, Mike. Her workplace is tense as her boss, also a sociopath, has her do the accounting for a shady project and is constantly threatening to fire her.

Lily is a sharp little girl and is aware of most of Mary's struggles, including her depression. With the help of angelic therapist, Mary develops self esteem and coping tools and starts to finally get control of her life and her pain.

Shortly after Mary separates from the abusive Mike, her passive-dependent mother kills herself, setting Mary into a profound downward spiral and she loses her job. Mary hits bottom, with no help from her parasitic borderline sister or her disloyal histrionic friend from work, Lola.

On her own, Mary ultimately discovers her own inner strength and becomes a strong defender of herself and Lily. Her confidence and strength grow as she overcomes obstacles and takes control of her life. By the end of the film, Mary has transformed herself from a shabby depressed waif in the opening graveyard scene to a beautiful, confident and strong businesswoman with a completely new life.